Welcome 2015! And I wish every one of you a very, very happy new year. A lot has happened in 2014, and I’m guilty of not having posted material as regularly as I should have been. This year, I should hopefully be in a position to change that. Otherwise, here’s a quick and dirty update on what my past year has been:

Maple Leaves in Cambridge

My husband and I relocated in what was a logistical super-challenge to Boston, MA, to pursue our graduate studies. I’m now studying towards my MFA in Information Design and Visualization at Northeastern University. It’s an amazing program supported by very dedicated faculty members, students and a community that works round the clock. I’ve acquired new skills that include writing papers (correctly), mapping and coding, and have had the chance to meet some very talented designers and educators, including Ethan Zuckerman, Jeffery Schnapp, and the team behind PetaJakarta. I’m spending the last of my winter break updating my portfolio site, so if you’re interested in seeing some of the assignments that I did this past semester, head over to www.mahimapushkarna.com.I just started a Medium account so I hope that I can keep this wordpress site and that up to date. Next semester, I will be getting further into the UI/UX side of information design and visualization, and I’m going to make an effort to post interesting resources over here or on my medium. If you would like to keep track of that, it’s probably a good idea to follow me on twitter {@mahimapushkarna} since my medium posts go straight to twitter.

Thank you for checking back despite my irregularities in posting, and once again, Happy New Year!



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