DataCanvas: Sense Your City


The Seeeduino with sensors sticking out in a medusa-like fashion

100 participants in 7 cities across the world will deploy DIY environmental sensors that will collect data that measures air quality, noise, pollution, light and temperature. At the end of three months, the data streams will be opened out and that will kickstart the second Data Canvas Visualization Challenge. Recently, I became the host of one of these hundred datacanvas #senseyourcity environmental sensors deployed across the world.

Several of us from Northeastern’s IDV program will be playing hosts to such sensors in Boston, and I simply cannot wait to work with the resulting data. Here’s the exciting time I had during the sensor build and deployment stages.

Pre-assembly Sensor

Pre-assembly Sensor

The Assembled Sensor

The Assembled Sensor

Programming the Sensor

Programming the Sensor

It’s good to know that we are dealing with data that is already in .json format — that will make it easy to work with, provided my D3 skills have improved enough. Even if I am unable to contribute towards the final challenge, I’m happy that I can contribute towards a global environmental initiative that converts major cities in the world into “giant sentient sensors”, giving us access to data that could shape our collective behaviour.

Deployed "SensorSparrow"

Deployed “SensorSparrow”

We are a go!

We are a go!


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